TEFL job guidance

We appreciate that for most people, the main reason for taking a TEFL course is to get a job. We guarantee that you will.

TEFL Corinth is operated by Anglo-Hellenic Teacher Recruitment, the main source of TEFL jobs in Greece, so we are in a unique position to help you find a teaching job  in Greece on completion of the TEFL course in Corinth. Through our international network of schools and contacts, we can also help you find a TEFL job anywhere else in the world.

Our list of TEFL Jobs Worldwide has dozens of English teaching jobs all over the world, all posted in the last couple of days. As a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language, you’ll never need to worry about unemployment. The demand for qualified teachers of English is so strong that we guarantee that you will find a job on successful completion of the TEFL course.

Our job guidance starts in the first week of the course with the aim of finding you a job to go to immediately at the end of the course. The following guidance is provided:

  •  Assistance with adapting your resume / CV for TEFL
    • Group session on guidelines for creating an effective CV
    •  Individual assistance with editing your own CV
    •  Advice on writing an effective cover letter
  •  Guidance on choosing where to teach
    • Information on opportunities and conditions worldwide
    • Access to books, journals, newspapers and websites with details of qualifications, working conditions and remuneration in countries throughout the world
    • Advice on what to look for and what to avoid in TEFL jobs
  • School contact information
    • Detailed and comprehensive information on schools around the globe, including a seven-hundred-page PDF with school addresses, phone numbers and emails
    • Extensive lists with contact details of schools in all areas of Greece
    • Personal recommendations through our international network of schools and contacts
  • Details of current vacancies in Greece
    • Vacancies in Greece with schools that use our TEFL teacher recruitment service
    • Periodicals and websites with additional TEFL vacancies in Greece
  • Details of current vacancies worldwide
    • Jobs listed on our own website, updated daily with the freshest TEFL job vacancies around the world
    • Lists of the most important websites for TEFL job vacancies
  • Advice on applying
    • Assistance with research on TEFL employers and avoiding problems
    • Tips on what schools are looking for
    • Guidance on completing your application
  • Advice on interview techniques
    • Advice on how to prepare and what to expect in telephone interviews for TEFL jobs worldwide
    • Individual preparation before interviews with schools in Greece  
  • Employer visits
    • Meetings with TEFL school directors who come to Corinth to meet and interview our trainee teachers (usually in July – September)
    • Interviews at schools in Greece with current vacancies arranged for you (usually in July – September)
  •    References
    • A detailed breakdown of your performance on each component of the course
    • Professional references to support all your job applications throughout your career
  •   Ongoing support
    • Job guidance service available to all our graduates for life

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