TEFL Greece certification is provided by TEFL International, the largest TEFL training organization in the world, so our certificates are recognized worldwide.


TEFL International Head Moderator Brian Tomlinson is an external consultant who moderates our TEFL courses by examining samples of trainees' written assignments, scrutinizing grades, and receiving feedback from trainees at the end of each course.

All TEFL International certificates are validated by Fort Hays State University.

Fort Hays State University provides a Quality Assurance report on the TEFL International TESOL certificate on a regular basis. All our course graduates receive a summary of the report from the university, as well as the option of gaining three credits and a transcript from FHSU.

"I've been very impressed by the professionalism and expertise of the TEFL International Lead Trainers and especially by the way they make use of experiential approaches to teacher development. They help their trainees to develop personally and professionally from observation, self-reflection, materials development and the application of theory to practice as teachers in the classroom."

Brian Tomlinson


TEFL Greece courses meet the three requirements of international accreditation standards, which are to be externally validated by a state university, provide 120 hours of input, and provide six hours of teaching practice. The ten hours of teaching practice that we provide substantially exceeds the minimum requirement of six hours which is usual for most TEFL courses.


The assessment structure reflects the strong practical emphasis of the TEFL course. The overall grade is composed of the following elements:

  • Teaching practice 70%
  • Language Awareness 20%
  • Written Assignments 10%

The Language Awareness component is assessed in a two-hour test on grammar and teaching pronunciation.

The written assignments are weekly tasks designed to support your reflection on your teaching.

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