Corinth has been the location for TEFL Greece teacher training courses since Anglo-Hellenic was founded in 1997, and we have been running the four-week TEFL Certificate course here since 2004.

Corinth is the ideal TEFL course location for those who want a simple and convenient package with everything provided. The suburban railway from inside Athens airport brings you straight to Corinth, and we’ll meet you on arrival to ensure your transfer to your accommodation is fast and simple. We provide inexpensive accommodation right by the TEFL Corinth training center, so no travel is required and all the facilities you need are within five minutes’ walk.

Conveniently situated 50 miles from Athens, Corinth (Korinthos) is the gateway to the Peloponnese, an area rich in natural beauty and historical sites. There are excellent transport connections, with buses and trains to Athens every hour, and frequent buses connecting Corinth to the surrounding villages. Corinth is a perfect base for touring, set among many unspoilt beach resorts. The stunning sites of Nemea, Argos, Mycenae and Nafplio are all close by, as is the theatre of Epidavros, where ancient tragedies are performed during the summer festival.


The TEFL Corinth training centre and accommodation are located in Vrahati, a seaside village eight miles west of the modern city of Corinth, towards Kiato.

Ancient Corinth

The archaeological site of Ancient Corinth and the castle of Acrocorinth are fifteen minutes' drive from Vrahati, on the outskirts of the modern city.

Corinth canal

The area around the Corinth canal contains several interesting sites, including the archaeological site and museum of Isthmia at the Saronic end.

Archaeology tour

This tour takes us to two important archaeological sites, Nemea and Mycenae, and then continues to Nafplio.

Corinth canal cruise

The best way to experience this fascinating feat of engineering is to cruise through it from Isthmia to Poseidonia.

Corinth canal bungy jump

For the more adventurous, another way to experience the Corinth Canal up close is to jump into it.

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