TEFL Certificate Mary Cornell

"Our teacher Georgia was amazing! She was lovely, made us feel comfortable and well supported and explained everything well. I’ve had a very interesting and useful time on the course and have definitely improved both my understanding of grammar and confidence in the classroom."

Mary Cornell

TEFL Certificate Anastasiya Kuznyetsova

"It was interesting and useful, a great opportunity to learn important things and have teaching practice. I got a chance to revise some stuff I had already known, and to find out some useful tips for future teaching practice."

Anastasiya Kuznyetsova

"I enjoyed the course thoroughly although it is very intensive. I have learnt a lot over four weeks and feel confident to take it further."

Richard Ryan

TEFL Certificate Richard Ryan

"Peter was very professional and it was an enjoyable experience to learn from him. I feel it has been an important experience for me to gain skills that could help me later in life. Everything has been above my expectations."

Christina Payne

TEFL Certificate Christina Payne
TEFL Certificate Alexandra Benas

"It was a wonderful experience as we were constantly learning how to do many things in many different ways. The feedback we got was excellent and very helpful. It was what we needed to start our teaching career with confidence."

Alexandra Benas

TEFL Certificate Christina Cheilakou

"It was an amazing experience which gave me all the extra knowledge I needed. I learnt a lot and I feel more prepared for what is coming next. I gained confidence and a good amount of experience teaching to motivate me to continue."

Christina Cheilakou

"While the amount of information to be delivered is considerable, the instructor is patient and delivers it in a well-paced manner, and moves through the curriculum taking the time to make sure it is presented in an easily understandable manner."

David Schneider

TEFL Certificate David Schneider

"Georgia's patience, explanations, tenacity, generally her character and personality are the bee's knees."

John Aron

TEFL Certificate John Aron
TEFL Certificate Alexandra Mocroft

"The relaxed, friendly, chatty experience provided a comfortable environment making it easy to learn. It was well structured and organized whilst flexible and sensitive to people's needs. I was fully engaged and had fun."

Alexandra Mocroft

TEFL Certificate Eleftheria Kotseroni

"Georgia has a warm and supportive nature and works harmoniously with different personalities. As I'm a teacher who is actively pursuing knowledge, I found the course a source for professional development and a dynamic way to grow as an educator."

Eleftheria Kotseroni

"The possibility to practice teaching almost every day was great. I know what to work on and how I can improve. Georgia and Angeliki encouraged me a lot and I enjoyed teaching."

Tessa Groen

TEFL Certificate Tessa Groen

"The Trainer / Teacher Georgia was professional, supportive and an excellent teacher. All material was explained in an interesting and clear way. I had a great experience on the course."

Camilla Garlick

TEFL Certificate Camilla Garlick
TEFL Certificate Evangelos Panayioto

"Georgia Verousi, our teacher, was very helpful. She was always available, provided feedback, and answered all my questions regarding grammar and TEFL in general."

Evangelos Panayioto

TEFL Certificate Sarah Bowen

"Our teacher, Georgia Verousi, has been inspirational, kind, encouraging and delivered information to us very well. She made the lessons fun and memorable. I have learnt a lot about myself and how I can improve my teaching - it's been brilliant."

Sarah Bowen


"Highly enjoyable learning experience, lovely people in lovely settings that didn't distract too much from the task at hand."

Anne Shindel

TEFL Certificate Anne Shindel

"Very interactive and intensive course covering the basics of all aspects involved in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. A life-changing teaching experience with adorable children."

Juliette Tafel

TEFL Certificate Juliette Tafel
TEFL Certificate Hilary Schweitzer

"There was a great variety of opportunities to teach i.e. classrooms, tutoring, children, adults… It’s in Greece! Near the beach! I would do it again!"

Hilary Schweitzer

TEFL Certificate Callum Foster

"This course is intensive, with a lot of materials and topics to cover, but very rewarding, especially the teaching in the classroom."

Callum Foster

"The practice, the diversity and variety of activities, the different teaching levels, the input of grammar and methodology were all appropriate and useful."

Brahim Ben Brahim

TEFL Certificate Brahim Ben Brahim

"We were guided during lesson preparation and the feedback after the teaching was always helpful. The practice both in the school and in private lessons helped me to become more confident."

Beatrice Vecchio

TEFL Certificate Beatrice Vecchio
TEFL Certificate Virginie Ruiz

"All the input sessions are very interesting and stimulating. We started to teach from the beginning, which is a good point because we can improve our teaching during the following weeks."

Virginie Ruiz

TEFL Certificate John Stratiotis

"The material covered was all highly relevant, and was presented in a pleasant, thorough, practical setting conducive to learning. The practical teaching exercises were very useful, especially the feedback."

John Stratiotis


"The whole course has been a positive experience. The different teaching opportunities were invaluable as they allowed me to gain a true experience of what TEFL would be like. I would recommend the course to anyone."

Helen Daley

TEFL Certificate Helen Daley

"It was an intensive four weeks of learning but it was honestly great!  Vrahati was the perfect location, the teaching experience was invaluable, and all the TEFL training classes were informative and beneficial!"

Liana Sinclair

TEFL Certificate Liana Sinclair
TEFL Certificate Elisabetta Boatti

"I have had a great time!!! The class sessions were interesting and engaging. I really appreciated the teacher Georgia’s attitude. She has been supportive, patient and very professional."

Elisabetta Boatti

TEFL Certificate Maria Ezanidou

"I really enjoyed the course, it was informative and educational. My teacher was friendly and energetic, making each lesson personable and easy for me to ask any questions necessary. I feel more confident and comfortable teaching students at any level."

Maria Ezanidou

"The best thing about the course was its great learning environment. The teacher produced a very positive and healthy learning atmosphere. I very much enjoyed the course. It has helped me get a better grasp of the English language, rules and guidelines, and practical teaching practice. "

Bill Sinis

TEFL Certificate Bill Sinis

"The course has not only given me experience as a teacher but it has also helped to build up my confidence. I enjoyed the teaching practice, and socializing with my classmates. I have learned so much over the past four weeks and I am so grateful for all the support I have received."

Eleni Demetriou

TEFL Certificate Eleni Demetriou
TEFL Certificate Rachel Kelley

"I feel that I was able to grow and develop a lot, both as a person and as a teacher. I feel that this course has definitely given me the skills and confidence to start a promising career."

Rachel Kelley

TEFL Certificate Vera Rogmans

"I have learned a lot during the course, and feel more comfortable teaching younger children. I have learned a lot about the English Language and I had a good time."

Vera Rogmans

"The best thing about the course was that you had the opportunity to teach from the first week. In each week we got to learn appropriate things that we could then use in our teaching lessons. We had the chance to practice what we learned after each input session."

Effi Hadjiacovou

TEFL Certificate Effi Hadjiacovou

"The course was intensive and at times demanding. I enjoyed it thoroughly though. I have learnt a lot. The teaching practice provided a real life setting and my experience here has exceeded my expectations."

Poppy Micheloudakis

TEFL Certificate Poppy Micheloudakis
TEFL Certificate Diana Dragan

"It has been an intensive course, very challenging and it has definitely brought light into my life from the perspective of learning how to become a teacher. The trainer has been very supportive. If I had the chance, I would do it again."

Diana Dragan

TEFL Certificate Mary Maurer

"My experience here was grand. I learnt a lot about grammar, vocabulary and fun ways to apply it in lessons. Lots of help with lesson preparation was appreciated. The way grammar was taught was fun and memorable."

Mary Maurer

"It was a nice first experience in the position of the teacher. I was able to see how things work on the other side of the lesson, how lessons are created and planned and was reminded of all the grammar."

Ioanna Mavragani

TEFL Certificate Ioanna Mavragani

"I felt the material in the lessons was very thorough and it provided all the tools and knowledge I will need to be an excellent teacher. I was impressed with the information provided. The lectures, teaching practice and activities were all effective and will be a part of my teaching success."

Angela Erlendson

TEFL Certificate Angela Erlendson
TEFL Certificate Kat Apostolakos

"The friendly, open atmosphere made me feel welcome. The course was enlightening. I learned and experienced effortlessly and would suggest that this course be taken by anyone with a thirst for knowledge, career progression or mere enthusiasm."

Kat Apostolakos

TEFL Certificate Shane Alexander

"I had a great time with the course, I feel like I learned a lot about the things I needed to brush up on and I also went to the beach every day."

Shane Alexander

"My expectations were fulfilled regarding course content and quality. The teachers were excellent."

John Doyle

TEFL Certificate John Doyle

"Angeliki was so warm in welcoming us and making our stay enjoyable. Daria was a great instructor and gave very constructive feedback. I am so glad I have spent a whole month here."

Mason Jarecki-Nimmo

TEFL Certificate Mason Jarecki-Nimmo
TEFL Certificate Heather Rice

"Being able to discuss teaching methods in a classroom setting helped solidify some of my ideas. The book is very helpful."

Heather Rice

TEFL Certificate Gabriele Doyle

"The teachers were very good. The students were easy to work with. Ways of teaching have changed since I left college. I learnt new approaches."

Gabriele Doyle

"The course location was a good one as students were able to go for a swim or visit historical sites. Over the four weeks duration of the course, I gained ten hours of teaching practice with students of various ages and English levels."

Stavroula Mitsakos

TEFL Certificate Stavroula Mitsakos

"I enjoyed the experience very much. I enjoyed learning how to teach English as a Second Language. I loved the hands-on teaching I liked that we had 10 hours of teaching practice."

Katherine Bateman

TEFL Certificate Katherine Bateman
TEFL Certificate Jennifer Isenberg

"I LOVED that it was in Greece. Also having accommodation provided was a plus. The students that we taught were absolutely great! Teaching the children was my favorite!"

Jennifer Isenberg

TEFL Certificate Viktoria Prekate

"It was a nice experience in a small friendly group, with a brisk pace, and much useful information about teaching practice. Having time to thoroughly discuss each topic with examples helped."

Viktoria Prekate

"The course material was very, very helpful. I felt I received what I came to get. Good classes, enjoyed the discussions, felt I had good support during the planning and execution of the teaching. Nice to be near the beach."

Christy Peters

TEFL Certificate Christy Peters

"The best thing about the course was learning how to be an English teacher and receiving the preparation I was seeking. I had a great experience. I learned a lot and I feel ready to step into the classroom. I made good friends and I got a nice tan :-)"

Elpida Vlahos

TEFL Certificate Elpida Vlahos
TEFL Certificate Stuart Hill

"Enjoyed the morning learning lessons, liked the tranquility of Vrahati. Enjoyed the teaching lessons with the youngsters."

Stuart Hill

TEFL Certificate Adrianne Falco

"I enjoyed having a wide range of learners to practise teaching. It has been pleasant. I enjoyed the lessons we taught and the range of materials."

Adrianne Falco

"My confidence was increased. Learnt a lot of stuff I had forgotten. I enjoyed myself. The course was good and taught me a lot."

Dylan Stevens


TEFL Certificate Dylan Stevens

"I learnt a lot about how to engage students. The best thing about the course was learning how to teach young learners"

Sarah Ludlow

TEFL Certificate Sarah Ludlow
TEFL Certificate Christoforos Alexiou

"The best thing about the course is the professionalism with which everything is developed. The guidance provided is extremely helpful, and all the essentials are covered in depth.  I’m very satisfied with the course. I would recommend it to other people without second thoughts!"

Christoforos Alexiou

TEFL Certificate Jake Whinn

"I had a lot of valuable teaching experience in a real classroom with real students. I enjoyed the course and found it interesting, the staff were friendly and helped us to build confidence in our teaching, and I learnt a lot of things to prepare me for teaching English."

Jake Whinn

"Teaching experience with all levels and ages and detailed review of all grammar points. Great experience which covered a lot of things within one month. Worth doing - recommended!!!."

Vanessa Digklis

TEFL Certificate Vanessa Digklis

"The two best things are the interaction with the trainer and the teaching in real classes. It was well organised and the teaching was a unique experience. I would definitely do it again."

Ioannis Delegkos

TEFL Certificate Ioannis Delegkos
TEFL CertificateDaria Breus-Samolada

"I have revised and reinforced a lot of methodology material I had studied before. I had a great experience applying these techniques in teaching, and developed my skills of lesson observation. Both aspects were very useful to me."

Daria Breus-Samolada

TEFL Certificate Richard Marshall

"My grammar awareness has increased. Working with the children and getting to know them was the best thing about the course."

Richard Marshall

"The course was very intense and I have never worked as hard!! The best part was teaching the children."

Joanne Marshall

TEFL Certificate Joanne Marshall

"I enjoyed the course, especially the teaching practice."

Meenakshi Kalyanpur

TEFL Certificate Meenakshi Kalyanpur
TEFL Certificate Katie Salvanou

"The practice we had in teaching different classes, the theory of how to teach and the different teaching ideas were all very useful. After this course I feel more confident teaching a class."

Katie Salvanou

TEFL Certificate Eve Kater

"The whole experience was great. The theoretical part was very useful indeed, the teaching experience with the students was fantastic and gave me great confidence. I really enjoyed being in the classroom and having the opportunity to teach different levels of students."

Eve Kater

"The tutor, Peter Beech, is a very adept teacher and really knows his stuff. Good use of teaching techniques and technology."

Kay Haldane

TEFL Certificate Kay Haldane

"We taught a great variety of students – Business English, Advanced Adults, Pre-Intermediate & Intermediate. Enjoyable teaching & learning in assessed observations. Very intensive, thorough and rigorous."

Matthew Colthup

TEFL Certificate Matthew Colthup
TEFL Certificate John Syragakis

"I enjoyed the course, enjoyed learning grammar."

John Syragakis

TEFL Certificate Becky Campbell

"Feeling that the teacher responded to my individual needs as a learner. Being in a small town near the sea gave me the mental and physical space to focus on the course."

Becky Campbell

"I was very satisfied with the course and the environment. Excellent experience."

Areti Pifea-Mistrioti

TEFL Certificate Areti Pifea-Mistrioti

"It was dynamic, different, and life-changing."

Christina Stefanoudaki

TEFL Certificate Christina Stefanoudaki
TEFL Certificate Johan Kassim

"I liked the course a lot. I learned a lot more about teaching language."

Johan Kassim

TEFL Certificate Maria Landa

"It was a great experience. It was very challenging and I learned a lot."

Maria Landa

"I really enjoyed the course. I'm glad I did it. We got to teach a wide variety of students at different levels and different ages."

Beth Chamberlayne


TEFL Certificate Beth Chamberlayne

"I learned a lot of new things. I really enjoyed working with the students. The feedback after each lesson really helped us to improve and develop."

Phillip Georgopoulos


TEFL Certificate Phillip Georgopoulos
TEFL Certificate Efie Garadziotis

"I feel that I've gained the knowledge and experience needed to be a good EFL teacher."

Efie Garadziotis

TEFL Certificate Fanzilya Musina

"It is a great opportunity to combine the studying and exploring the culture of Greece."

Fanzilya Musina

"My experience of the course was very positive. Immediate teaching practice, ongoing teaching, revision of grammar."

Katrina Seton

TEFL Certificate Katrina Seton

"I enjoyed the course. The students were great and helpful with learning teaching. Handouts were thorough. Teaching practice of more than one level of student, input / feedback after TP was very useful."

Jeff Rand

TEFL Certificate Jeff Rand
TEFL Certificate Richard Bosson

"The lessons were interesting and the teaching practice was very useful."

Richard Bosson


TEFL Certificate Michelle O'Donnell

"The teacher, Peter, was very personable and made the whole experience joyful. I had a great time and I felt like I learned a lot. Also, I like the materials that were given to us. I will use these again in the future."

Michelle O'Donnell

"Grammar revision, teaching ideas, lesson planning, everything came up to my expectations."

Costela Celnicu 

TEFL Certificate Costela Celnicu

"Peter is an excellent teacher. I feel that I have learnt a lot, and in a way that was also fun and entertaining at the same time."

Jim Paget 

TEFL Certificate Jim Paget
TEFL Certificate Jonathan Price

"The best thing about the course was working with intermediate and advanced level students at the language school."

Jonathan Price

TEFL Certificate Kendra MacLachlan

"The course has been very helpful. I have learned a lot about teaching from a beginner's perspective. The teaching practice was very useful and the feedback has been beneficial. I feel better prepared to begin teaching."

Kendra MacLachlan

"The best thing about the course was the teaching practice. Everyone was very nice."

Marina Stanger 

TEFL Certificate Marina Stanger

"I loved the personal touch of the weekend excursions, and the amount of practical teaching opportunities, with guided lesson planning."

Rachel Guenther 

TEFL Certificate Rachel Guenther
TEFL Certificate Zoe Jong

"I enjoyed the lessons and the grammar part of the course - good knowledge to have."

Zoe Jong

TEFL Certificate Annie Malcolm

"I've had a great experience in the course. I've learned a lot and built confidence as a teacher."

Annie Malcolm

"I learned how to teach and acquired a lot of useful tools."

Anna Trowbridge 

TEFL Certificate Anna Trowbridge 

"Teaching practice - broad range of students (ages and abilities) - great kids. Very in-depth study of grammar, pronunciation etc."

Jennifer Bannister 

TEFL Certificate Jennifer Bannister
TEFL Certificate Genevieve Gorgos

"I had a really interesting and fun time in Vrahati... meeting new people - and being able to teach the young children."

Genevieve Gorgos

TEFL Certificate Eric Jong

"I enjoyed getting the teaching experience and the grammar training."

Eric Jong

"Our trainers were really professional and very experienced. We had real teaching experience with young learners."

Metin Gokce 

TEFL Certificate Metin Gokce

"I really enjoyed the time here. I have become aware of how much I already knew, and have also learned a lot."

Archana Huxley 

TEFL Certificate Archana Huxley 
TEFL Certificate Rebecca Cho

"The course and materials were helpful and will be very useful for future teaching opportunities."

Rebecca Cho

TEFL Certificate Jessica Maria

"Teaching practice in a local school and how practical the TEFL lessons were the best things about the course. Everything learnt was useful, especially how to conduct lessons and create lessons."

Jessica Maria

"It was very interesting. It was hands on and gave me some real experience."

Jamie Smith 

TEFL Certificate Jamie Smith

"The hands-on teaching experience in Kiato was extremely informative and helpful. Realizing that lessons could be catered to individual students was invaluable."

Meaghan Perry 

TEFL Certificate Meaghan Perry
TEFL Certificate Mycah Birge

"I enjoyed working with my peers and gaining hands on experience in teaching English."

Mycah Birge

TEFL Certificate Louisa Harper

"The best things were growing as an individual because of this course, teaching the kids and getting better at teaching."

Louisa Harper

"TEFL Corinth offers a lot of hours of actual teacher practice with students, this is invaluable for gaining confidence for those of us who are totally new to teaching. The accommodation was nice and the location was very pretty."

Bethany Livermore

TEFL Certificate Bethany Livermore

"It was great and intense at the same time."

Chantelle Leboutte

TEFL Certificate Chantelle Leboutte
TEFL Certificate Erin McGrew

"I am a much better teacher now than I was a month ago."

Erin McGrew

TEFL Certificate Samantha Whitworth

"The best thing about the course was the teaching practice."

Samantha Whitworth

"The best things were getting to meet everybody here, and being in Greece."

Stavros Floratos

TEFL Certificate Stavros Floratos

"I feel that I’ve learned a lot, not just in the course but outside."

Alyson Gatlin

TEFL Certificate Alyson Gatlin
TEFL Certificate Rachel Gould

"The best things were learning how to adapt materials to suit the needs of the student, meeting new people and
gaining new experience."

Rachel Gould

TEFL Certificate Jessica Tauber

"The course was life-changing."

Jessica Tauber

"The second instructor, Catherine, was far and away the best part about the course."

Alexandra Vaughan

TEFL Certificate Alexandra Vaughan

"The best thing about the course was the variety of teaching practice with students of all levels. Both trainers were very knowledgeable."

Caroline Sice

TEFL Certificate Caroline Sice
TEFL Certificate Grace Davis

"I learned a lot from the teaching practice and feedback."

Grace Davis

TEFL Certificate Lea Johnson

"The best thing about the course is how convenient living, travelling and training was. We are in a smaller town,
seaside. The work-vacation balance is invaluable."

Lea Johnson

"It was my first experience teaching European students of English, and I enjoyed the exposure to new kinds of

Wayne Hall

TEFL Certificate Wayne Hall

"I learned an incredible amount of new things that I will definitely use in my future. The best thing was teaching
practice with all levels and ages."

Katarina Ristic

TEFL Certificate Katarina Ristic
TEFL Certificate Kathryn Vogiatzoglou

"The course provided a good base to learn how to teach in the classroom."

Kathryn Vogiatzoglou

TEFL Certificate Arlene Gahagan

"Learning grammar was great and I enjoyed that part. I will have the opportunity to teach speakers of other languages."

Arlene Gahagan

"The course has been very intensive and very informative."

Miklos Bertok

TEFL Certificate Miklos Bertok

"This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am starting a new career with confidence."

Lisa Sanders Casey

TEFL Certificate Lisa Sanders Casey
TEFL Certificate Karen Warriner

"I learned a lot in such a short time. Our instructor was an inspiration. I feel well prepared to teach in a TEFL

Karen Warriner

TEFL Certificate Terri Pyle

"The best things about the course were the location, the Head Instructor, and the tours."

Terri Pyle

"I would certainly feel confident and able to walk into a classroom of any age group, given a bit of preparation
time, and teach."

Michael Collins

TEFL Certificate Michael Collins

"Camaraderie between my fellow students and I - we all got along really well."

Naomi Thompson

TEFL Certificate Naomi Thompson
TEFL Certificate Jamie Perros

"An exceptional blend of ancient sites, teaching, and learning."

Jamie Perros

TEFL Certificate Sylvain Rey

"It was a great opportunity to get teaching experience while being able to visit significant archaeological sites. The intensive training, the skills of the trainers, the setting, the trips, the food ..."

Sylvain Rey