Foreign language experience

In order for you to experience the communicative approach to language teaching from the perspective of the learner, the TEFL course includes the opportunity to participate in foreign language lessons. This is particularly valuable if you don't have any recent classroom experience of foreign language learning. As most people taking our TEFL course are native speakers of English, the language taught is usually Greek, but this can be adapted according to the needs of each group. In the example below, the language taught is Welsh.
Beginners' Welsh Lesson

Anglo-Hellenic Teacher Trainer Sherrie teaches a beginners' Welsh lesson demonstrating techniques of Communicative Language Teaching.

Lesson Structure

Sherrie leads a discussion of the structure of the lesson, showing how it demonstrates the Communicative Approach to language teaching.


Sherrie leads a discussion of features of the lesson that are characteristic of the Communicative Approach to language teaching.

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