TEFL course input sessions

The TEFL course is highly practical, with just enough theory to provide sound principles on which to base your practice. In the morning, there are input sessions on the skills and methods of teaching and on language awareness. There are thirty-three input sessions lasting a total of fifty hours.

Teaching skills

Most of the sessions on teaching skills are practical workshops, and there is a strong emphasis on selecting, evaluating and adapting teaching materials.

The teaching skills sessions also develop your abilities in areas such as teaching grammar and vocabulary, creating your own materials and correcting students’ errors.

Language awareness

Language awareness sessions aim to consolidate your knowledge of grammar and pronunciation, and provide practical ideas as to how these can be taught.

If English is your first language, it's mainly just a case of developing your awareness of what you already know instinctively, and discovering methods to help you transmit that knowledge effectively.

The videos below show how the sessions combine theoretical input with practical activities, enabling you to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to become an effective teacher.



This is the only really theoretical session of the course. Trainees are introduced to key features of the most important language teaching methodologies, and encouraged to reflect on their own experience of language learning. Features of the methodologies are then linked to issues in syllabus design and trainees consider the approach they might take when teaching private lessons with different types of learners.


Materials Evaluation

The course has a very strong emphasis on selection, evaluation and adaptation of teaching materials. As most lessons are based on published materials, this is reflected in our teaching practice, which also makes extensive use of interactive whiteboards.

In this session, trainees are given a package of course books to analyze, and then present their analyses to the whole group. 


Modal Verbs and Language Functions

This example illustrates how many of our input sessions combine revision of a grammar topic with practical ideas for how to teach that topic.

This session combines a general introduction to language functions with a specific focus on modal verbs. Trainees then continue their work on materials evaluation by analyzing a series of lessons from a course book in order to see how they present the functions of modal verbs.