Terms and Conditions

The terms of the job guarantee are:

  • If English is your first language, you have a degree and are under normal retirement age, we guarantee that on successful completion of the course you will be able to find a teaching job with the resources and assistance that we provide.
  • If you do not have EU citizenship and choose to work outside of Europe, we will help you find a job wherever else you choose to go.

By enrolling on one of our courses, you acknowledge that you have read and accept the following terms and conditions.

I agree that I will provide any information regarding physical or mental conditions which may affect my performance during the course.

I accept that Anglo-Hellenic Teacher Training, its associates and employees are not responsible, in part or in whole, for any personal injury, death, or loss of belongings at its premises, the premises of partner institutes, accommodation agents or in any social or cultural activity arranged by or for Anglo-Hellenic Teacher Training and/or its partner institutes.

I understand that the balance of the course fee is to be paid by the morning of the first day of the course and that these fees are non refundable except in cases of exceptional circumstances and on condition that evidence of these circumstances is provided. In all cases, the Course Director's decision is final.

I understand that failure on my part to cooperate reasonably with other trainees, students and training/administrative personnel may be grounds for dismissal from the course without a refund.

I understand that it is necessary to successfully complete all components of the course including teaching practice, written assignments and the final exam in order to be eligible for the award of a certificate. Failure on any one component means failure of the course, irrespective of the grades in the other components.

I understand that if I do not satisfy course requirements within the given time period, I may be allowed a time extension beyond the set 4-week period. In such cases, Anglo-Hellenic Teacher Training agrees to allocate and arrange for additional teaching practices, the submission of written work, or extra input sessions. Should this be the case, additional charges of EUR 50 for each teaching practice, EUR 25 for the submission of each written assignment, and EUR 25 for attending input sessions will be charged.

Anglo-Hellenic Teacher Training agrees to allow course participants to retake the final exam at any time up to six months after attending the course. I understand that it is my responsibility to arrange to be present at the training centre on a scheduled exam date in order to do so.

I accept that Anglo-Hellenic Teacher Training can only guarantee employment in certain destinations and on condition that I satisfy employment legislation in those locations. I accept that I must participate fully in all aspects of the job guidance program and that failure to do so will void any job guarantee.

I will accept as final all decisions made by Anglo-Hellenic Teacher Training or the Course Director in regard of certification, grading and dismissal from the course.

I understand that, while the TEFL certificate course will not significantly change in content, any extra activities and services may change due to local circumstances.

I consent to allow end-of-course feedback, electronic images and videos to be used in future promotional material by Anglo-Hellenic Teacher Training and TEFL International.

I understand that this agreement falls within the jurisdiction of the Greek courts.

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