Peter Beech - Director

Peter BeechOriginally from England, Peter has been working in EFL in Greece since graduating from Sussex University in 1986, and for several years was director of his own school in Corinth. After completing his MSc in Teaching English in 1997, Peter established Anglo-Hellenic primarily as a teacher recruitment service, while becoming increasingly involved in teacher training. He has provided training seminars for schools throughout Greece, and since 2004 has been running TEFL certificate courses full-time year-round. Peter also has substantial experience of university teaching, tutoring with the UK Open University on the MA in Education (Applied Linguistics), and at New York College in Athens on the University of Greenwich BA in TESOL and MA in Management of Language Learning.

A former Board member of TESOL Greece, Peter was the founding coordinator of the TESOL Greece Learning Techologies SIG, and has given numerous professional presentations in this area. He has also given presentations throughout Greece as an invited guest speaker at events organized by PALSO, the Federation of Greek Language Schools, and QLS, the Panhellenic Association of Accredited Quality Language Schools. He is extensively involved in the Greek State Certificate of Language Proficiency (KPG), primarily as a trainer of oral examiners. Peter is an active member of IATEFL, the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language and of the Teacher Trainers and Educators SIG. He has presented numerous times at the annual IATEFL conference in the UK and has published several articles in the IATEFL conference selections. He has also published extensively in Greek ELT publications including ELT News and the TESOL Greece Newsletter.

Georgia Verousi - Trainer

Georgia VerousiSince my graduation from Panteion University with a degree in International and European Studies, I have been working as an English Teacher, teaching children and adults of all levels, and adapting lesson plans according to age, skill level and personal interests. I have also taught Business English and English for Specific Purposes. A sixth-month internship at the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs instilled in me the love for Culture, International Relations and Policies. A concrete, ongoing and well-rooted interest in teaching led me to study for my MA in Education at Roehampton University, giving me the opportunity to develop my instructional techniques and classroom procedures and facilitate my students' academic success based upon reflective teaching. My studies focused on Multicultural Education, Leading and Managing people in Education, Teaching Practices for Dyslexic students in the EFL classroom, Counselling and Guidance in Education, EFL teachers' Formative Assessment Practices as well as Pupil Misbehaviour from the perspectives of Research Paradigms, Research Tools and Ethics.

Embracing the concept of inclusion I always try to provide equality of opportunity for learning, respect for the differences among learners, and promotion of self-esteem, while encouraging pupils' understanding and appreciation of the cultural diversity that is present in our society. I create friendly learning environments that enable improvement through the enhancement of student motivation, learning skills, discipline and the ability to reason. Being aware of the importance of effective working relationships, I motivate other teachers to create opportunities for participating in decision making regarding issues such as new teaching methods, new teaching material and changes in classroom practice.

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